The Developer

The Developer

GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd is a company with a history of building ecologically conscious communities. The international team comprises experts who understand the development and design of multi-use communities that focus on both residential and commercial development. GR (Can) Investment Co. Ltd.relies on ecological, environmental and sustainable development experts in its decision-making and planning.

GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. has a proven history of working with community wetlands, evidenced by its success in Tianjin, China where it was involved in the protection and revitalization of the world’s third largest ancient Qilihai National Wetland Park which ranges 100 square kilometers (i.e. 24,710 acres).

GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, which is a key part of its commitment to all developments. That is why we have retained ecological, environmental and sustainable development experts to guide us. For this project, we will invest significant resources to ensure long term wetland protection, maintenance, and enhancement.

Core Value—we are a people-oriented company that believes in fostering a sense of community in places where residents can live in harmony with nature.
Developer’s Vision—we are emerging as a multinational group that creates ecologically conscious real estate developments while cultivating the GR-GP brand.
Company’s Spirit—we are pragmatic and innovative pioneers who work to identify win-win solutions, achieving results to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Our vision is to create a community that balances the harmony of prime residential living with natural environments. The development includes eco-friendly residences, international restaurants, shops, cycling trails and winding footpaths; and almost 50 percent of the development is green space.

Key signature pieces to the site’s European look and feel include the following:

  • An unmatched focus on the environment and ecology throughout the site
  • A wetland park and innovation centre
  • Internal waterway landscaping
  • A town centre park for residents, employees and visitors
  • Leisure & pedestrian-friendly streets
  • A themed boutique hotel with restaurants with international cuisines, entertainment facilities and experience based lifestyle centre shops

At the heart of the Riverfront Community is a commitment to the environment and enhancing its current ecology. The Riverfront Community will do this by using the most advanced green technologies available to minimize effects on the environment while serving as a leading example for sustainable urban development. The community will embrace a compact urban form that affords opportunities for residents to live in harmony with and appreciate the natural beauty of the area’s forests, wetlands and wildlife.

This community will conserve and enhance a linked system of natural areas, including provincially significant wetlands, woodlands and species. At its heart, the community will have substantial parks and open space, including more than 200 acres of significant wetland.

GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd.has extensive knowledge of creating developments that exist in harmony with nature. A key feature of the Riverfront Community is a proposed Wetland Innovation Centre, a centre that will educate the community about the significance and sensitivity of the wetlands.

This centre will lead research into the prevention of climate change effects on significant wetlands.