Developer Takes Next Step In Planning Process

Developer Takes Next Step In Planning Process

Niagara Falls – GR (CAN) Investments Co. Ltd. has taken the next step in realizing their Community Plan with the filing of background reports and an Official Plan Amendment application with the City of Niagara Falls.

The development of about 50% the 484-acre property will provide for the long-term conservation of important natural areas including Provincially Significant Wetlands and Significant Woodlands. Following the guidance and advice from a team of ecological experts and specialists in sustainable design, the owner has identified a parcel near Dorchester Road that area contains the least significant and sensitive environmental features on the property.

Inside this approved urban area the new Riverfront Community will use the most advanced green technologies available to minimize effects on the environment while serving as a leading example for sustainable urban development. The community will embrace a compact urban form that affords opportunities for residents to live in harmony with and appreciate the natural beauty of the area’s forests, wetlands and wildlife.

The Chair of GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd., Helen Chang, Chair GR (CAN), a specialist in global sustainable development and has extensive experience maintaining and creating viable greenspaces within healthy communities. She notes, “I believe in protecting special natural spaces, while allowing people in a community to enjoy and treasure those spaces in a sustainable manner.”

A key feature of the Riverfront Community is a proposed Wetland Innovation Centre, a museum of sorts that will educate the community about the significance and sensitivity of the wetlands. This Centre will lead research into the prevention of climate change effects on significant wetlands.

When completed, the community is expected to include:

  • 1117 dwelling units, including 238 seniors’ units
  • 2675 people
  • 500 hotel units and
  • 1800-2800 jobs

“Riverfront Community will balance and harmonize innovative residential living with natural environments. The development will include eco-friendly residences, cycling trails and winding footpaths with half of the development being greenspace,” said Helen Chang, Chair GR (CAN). “As the developer, we bring to this project a proven record of producing leading edge environmental developments and we remain committed to the environmental health and eco-friendliness of this site.”

GR (CAN) will work closely with the City of Niagara Falls, the Region of Niagara and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as we work towards the development of this new community known as Riverfront Community.

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Cynthia Lai
Special Assistant to Chairwoman
Vice-President, Public Relations
GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd.