Consultation Notice: How to protect the human “kidney” legitimately by learning from successful cases on wetland protection?

Consultation Notice: How to protect the human “kidney” legitimately by learning from successful cases on wetland protection?

With the continuous progress on the Riverfront Community development, a vast majority of environmental protection advocates are paying close attention to how the wetlands will not be destroyed during development. GR Investment Group shares the same objective with everyone and has been proactively looking for practical and feasible solutions to protect the wetlands. Adhering to the core values ​​of “people-oriented, return to nature, and give back to society.” GR Investment Group’s core business is focused on eco-friendly strategies on integrating nature with sustainable and innovative development while creating living concepts that create smart cities, encourage health development and minimize carbon emissions to the greatest extent. The goal is to realize building an innovative community that serves and achieve the balance on environmental protection, economic development and job creation effectively.

To this end, GR Investment Group has engaged four Canadian companies that specialized in environmental and wetland protection over the past three years while at the same time retaining various international renowned environmental experts with experience on wetland protection to conduct on-site inspections. Considerable amount of assessments and arguments have been collected. A series of protective measures for the restoration, protection and enhancement of wetlands were presented. At the same time, it also recommended successful cases on wetland protection in Canada and successful cases of 10 protected wetlands and strengthened wetland management in several states in the United States as published by the U.S. National Environmental Protection Agency and the Protection Science and Technology Information Center. So far, we think that we have collected only few successful cases on wetland conservation in Canada. Therefore, we are conducting a consultation exercise to all sectors of the community.

We sincerely hope that all environmentalists use their vast social resources and networks to recommend proposals on how to protect the wetlands on this development. Monetary rewards will be granted on the adoption of proposals. Please send in your recommendations via emails or contact GR office directly.

We welcome the participation of all residents and environmentalists on this call to action to present advice and suggestions on how to protect our environment as in the human “kidney”.

Contact: Marilyn Tian
Tel: +1.905.233.4427