The Wetlands

GR (CAN) Investment Co. committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, which is a key part of its commitment to all developments. That is why we have retained ecological, environmental and sustainable development experts to guide us. For this project, it will invest over $10 million to wetlands protection, maintenance, and enhancement.The Riverfront Community project will see development on only 42 percent of the 484-acre property. This will provide for the long-term conservation of the provincially significant wetlands that make up over 200 acres.

GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. has a proven history of working with community wetlands, evidenced by its success in Tianjin, China where it was involved in the protection and revitalization of the world’s third largest ancient Qilihai National Wetland Park which ranges 100 square kilometers (i.e. 24,710 acres).

  1. Southeastern limits of the proposed development – Uncontrolled vehicle
  2. Entrance at the southeast of wetlands
  3. Development has encroached into the northern edges of intact wetland
  4. The south end of wetland
  5. Uncontrolled access through disturbed areas with wetland characteristics
  6. Inside the southeast of wetland
  7. Inside the southeast of wetland
  8. Inside the southeast of wetland