Our Team

Our Team 01-ZhiYing Chang

Ms. Zhiying(Helen) Chang
Chairwoman of the Board GR(Can) Investment Co. LTD.

Bio Helen Zhiying Chang Helen Zhiying Chang is the Chair of the Borad of GR Investment Group.
A senior economist, Ms. Chang Complete the Executive MBA

Our Team 02-Wan XinFeng

Mr. Wang Xinfeng
GR Independent Board Director

Management Science Bachelor and PhD. Graduated from Tianjin University, Management Science Master from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Our Team 03-Zhang ChangShun

Mr. Zhang Changshun
GR President

EMBA from Nankai University. He has engaged in financial management works for many years, and was once CFO, chief accountant

Our Team 04-Lv Siqi

Ms. Lv Siqi
GR General Manager

EMBA of the University of Hawaii(Marketing), Civil Construction Master from Tianjin University, and a Senior Planner. She was once general manager.