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Finance Lease

Enterprise development strategy

To the capital as the core, Infrastructure and Transport lease for the foundation to interact with financial institutions and capital market financing as a support to manufacturers and leasing companies to implement strategic alliances for the resource integration platform to create national financial lease brand, build capital market-driven, innovative services to leasing as a pillar holding enterprise groups.

Market positioning

To the national industrial policy-oriented, infrastructure, transportation, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing, environmental protection and other industries and medium-sized equipment leasing as the main direction of business development, to meet the purchase of equipment, product sales, inventory of assets, balance the tax burden, improving financial structure and other aspects of individual needs. To provide financing guarantees, asset management, leasing and other financing economic consulting services.

Group's business segments:

Top 20 central enterprises, state-owned enterprises (such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Aviation Oil, the five major power systems and other companies), the blue-chip listed companies and an annual turnover of more than ten billion of private enterprises.

Infrastructure sector:

Power generation systems, gas facilities, airport facilities, aviation fuel facilities, sewage treatment;

Transport sector:

Including aircraft flight equipment, rail transportation, urban public transport, etc.

Real estate sector:

The stock of office and commercial projects and domestic-oriented pure business hotel

Environmental sector:

Sewage, waste disposal equipment, etc.