Frequently Asked Questions

Will the project protect all Significant Wetlands?
Yes. GR (CAN) Investments Co. Ltd. has refined limits of wetlands based upon more recent and detailed surveys. Results are being discussed with the MNRF to update their mapping. Development will conserve all intact wetlands that perform important functions, including all Carolinian Slough Forests and associated vernal pools.

Will the project protect all old forests?
Yes. All development is proposed outside of the areas of the mature forest. In addition, the developer is committed to preserving all those mature healthy trees outside of the conservation area to achieve a community in a natural setting. Mature forests on the Riverfront holdings have existed on this landscape for long periods of time (e.g., 70 years to more than 100 years). These woodlands display characteristics that could meet some generally accepted old growth criteria and they are typical of rich, mature slough ridge forests, characteristic of significant woodlands and wetlands in Niagara.

Will the project impact on significant savannahs?
No, the development is proposed within areas of younger, early successional fields, cultural shrub thickets and cultural woodland. These areas are not recognized as natural savannahs or significant savannahs in Ontario.

What historic and recent impacts have disturbed the proposed development area?
The construction of both the Ontario Power Generation Canal & Conrail  Railway generated extensive excavation spoils that were placed over large areas of the site. In 2000 previous owner(s) used heavy equipment in these areas to move soil and change grades.

How can this development project protect and improve the site ecological conditions for plants and species?
As a result of the extensive technical studies, the developer is proposing an integrated transportation system throughout the site for safe passage for both humans and species. The Natural Heritage System will significantly reduce existing vehicle/wildlife collisions. Instead, species will be guided through safe natural eco-passages on the site.

What plans are in place to react to climate change?
Environmental research will continue on site to assess how to protect important natural features from periods of extended droughts and strong storms. This will include the development of innovative and non-intrusive water supplementation techniques to leave slough wetlands viable over the long term.

What Energy Efficiency methods will be implemented into Riverfront Community development?
Storm water recycling
Utilization of clean energy in the community
Reduce using the illumination polluted construction materials
LED lighting
Bike lanes
Walking trails
Electrical charging stations for cars and community carts
Passenger train from Riverfront Community to Fallsview tourism district & return

Where Can I learn more detailed environmental aspects of the project Environmental Impact Study
The most detailed information is in the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) prepared by Savanta

Who is developing the site?
GR Canada is led by Helen Chang who brings substantial international development professional skills and natural area conservation to this project.

What experience and track record does GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. have?
Ms. Helen Chang Chairman/CEO has extensive experience and expertise in planning master planned communities that have included in the protection and revitalization of the 100 square kilometres (i.e., 24,710 acres) Qilihai wetland, in Tianjin, China. In addition, GR (CAN) Investment Co. Ltd. has engaged RTKL, an international renowned architect, experienced in wetland protection and urban planning. They are continuing to add innovation to the ongoing Secondary Planning for the Riverfront Community.

What are the Economic Impacts from the Riverfront Community Development?
GR (CAN) has already invested $30 million, five phases in total 1.5 billion will create 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs.

What is the pedestrian friendly commercial lifestyle centre?
A sophisticated commercial centre which provide international investment opportunities for top tenants in culinary, health care & beauty shops, specialty boutiques, cultural art and entertainment showcase areas. Major Brand tenants have already been attracted to be part of the development.

Where can we learn a more technical explanation of wetland protection?
You can go to our website where Savanta provides a more detailed scientific explanation.