Company Overview

GR Investment Group is a multiple-national group taking capital operation as its core, real estate investment and finance lease care industry development as its basis, financial institution and capital market interactive financing as its support, strategic alliances with financial institutions as its resource integration platform, construction of the capital market as its impetus, projects investment and financial service as its pillar, so as to forge the GR brand.

GR is a super-creative company, whose team is composed of specialized professionals, investment managers, financial consultants, legal advisors and management consultants. They have significant and comprehensive understanding of the real estate’s and financial lease’s upstream and downstream industries and maintain the close relationships with related enterprises, which can prove their highly authentic capabilities in investment judgment and decision making. They have participated in many capital operating events such as the large enterprise integration, partition, strategic investment, financial services and etc. They possess years of experiences in financial budget analysis, operation control, financial lease, merger and acquisition, IPO, etc. The Company has conducted long-term investments in domestic and overseas real estate industries, from which rich pertinent knowledges and experiences are accumulated.

GR takes the two major businesses, i.e. land investment bank and financial lease, as its line of pursuit, and has set up an open talent cooperation system while having invited prominent advisors who hold high prestige in their respective industries. Professionals are the core competitiveness of GR.


GR (CAN) INVESTMENT Co. Ltd. is comprised of investment managers, financial and management consultants, legal advisors and other specialized professionals whose backgrounds include urban planning as well as extensive planning and development experience in the leisure and senior care industries. Their sound investment judgment and decision making capabilities are a direct result of the comprehensive knowledge that they have developed in the field of senior care combined with the significant relationships they maintain throughout leisure real estate’s various upstream and downstream industries. They have led and participated in the planning and development of numerous leisure industry-themed urban complexes in first and second tier cities throughout China. Additionally, their capital operating activity has included large enterprise integration and partition, strategic investment and financial services. Their combined experience in financial budget analysis, operation control, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs spans several decades. The company’s long-term investments in domestic and overseas real estate markets have yielded rich experiences and insights, particularly with respect to large project operations and resource integration. With a management team that includes professionals who have resided in Canada for many years and others who visit regularly to remain abreast of developments, GRC (CAN) INVESTMENT Co. Ltd. possesses an in-depth understanding of the Canadian real estate market and a commitment to making a quality contribution to it.

Company Development Strategy

GR (CAN) INVESTMENT Co. Ltd. is an innovative company with capital operation at its core. Leisure real estate investment and ecologically conscious senior care developments serve as its foundation. It promotes urban lifestyles and culture while fostering the efforts of a non-profit charity. Supported through interactive capital market financing and financial institutions, the GR brand has been forged with investment, development, and management in the leisure industry as its pillars.